Posey Steps Up.



Huntington Beach Mayor Mike Posey has decided to step up and has chosen, along with Councilman Erik Peterson, a US Marine Veteran, to obey and enforce the laws of our Country, instead of the Peoples Republic of Mexifornia.

Kudos to Mayor Posey and Erik Peterson for finally bringing this travesty of justice to the forefront of local discussion.

No doubt, you both will be pilloried by those who advocate for the rights of criminals and call you a ” Racist”.

Those ass clowns always fall back on that tired rhetoric. The same ass  clowns that refuse to acknowledge that these laws are about apprehending and deporting criminals.


Next up, will be a discussion with Rob Handy about his refusal to engage and support Federal agents / ICE.

BEFORE he received political cover from the idiots in Sacramento.

Chief Handy, a law is a law.

You cant engage in selective enforcement.

It’s going to stop.

Viva Posey. Viva Peterson.

You got a lot more to worry about than Gentrification and districting, Victor and Oscar.



Sledgehammer Women’s Battalions of Death.

Women’s Battalions of Death were all-female combat units formed after the February Revolution by the Russian Provisional Government in a last-ditch effort to inspire the mass of war-weary soldiers to continue fighting in World War I.





Click here for more on the Women’s Battalions of Death…

HBsledgehammer has a Women’s Battalion of Shock troops that are part of the Sledgehammer Army.

HBSledgehammer.com Women’s Battalion of Death.
First Recon Platoon.


Over the weekend the First Recon Platoon of The Sledgehammer Women’s Battalions of Death, armed to the teeth with iPhones and Starbucks coffee, infiltrated deep behind enemy lines in order to document the ridiculous Women’s Rally staged by HB Huddle.


Here’s Tarvin lying about the amplified sound permit…

This group was specifically forbidden from using amplified sound, yet they brought it anyway.

The Battalions of Death were successful in enforcing the terms of the groups Permit.

Once the brain dead cop found out the truth, he pulled the plug, just in time for the Queen Bitch’s big speech, where they were subjected to yet another 5 minute infomercial from Gina, the Queen of all victim-hood, describing how fucking awesome she is, yet again.


Asshat Oscar Rodriguez,

who bitch-stalked the non existent Gina Recall meeting,

was somehow offended that a group of WOMEN,

would attend a Women’s Rights Rally.


I would be offended that an asshole like Rodriguez,

who hangs out with Wife Beater Victor Valladares , was present,

as was Valladares.

I suppose this group of WOMEN would be excluded from any “Women’s Rights” this group purported to champion.

After all, they don’t hold the same “correct” viewpoint.

Thus, they were “Stalkers”.


Um.. Yeah. They were “Hiding” in plain sight…LOL.

I suggested that the next time they do a recon mission that they go undercover as a chola girl gang…


They weren’t having any part of it…

We are HBSledgehammer.com.

Were not going anywhere.

Get used to it.

Lost opportunities….

I could have made a few bucks today over at City Hall in HB.

The Pussyhat /”Trump is Not My President” crowd, staged a “Womens Rally” today.


Turnout was pathetic, as expected, for a bunch of blather about “Womens Rights”…

We all know women enjoy the same “rights” as men…perhaps these “ladies” would like a few extra ones..

Hell. Why not?

Every other leftist faction demands a carve out to celebrate their shared victimhood..

It was sponsored by HBHuddle, the communist wing of the Bernie Sanders division of HB politics.

Republican Brian Burley is having a meet and greet coming up soon with HBHuddle.


Apparently he didnt get the memo…


At any rate, the Speakers included City Council candidate, Shayna Lathus, who is actually to the Left of asshat, Dan Kalmick, if thats even possible.

This bitch makes Connie Boardman look like Margaret Thatcher.


Then there was some “Womyn’s Studies” professor from Cal State Fullerton who has a PhD in applied queer theory…lol

Shayna and the cisgender nonbinary queer studies expert stuck to the topic and talked about “Woman stuff…” ..you know, the oppression of it all, the apparent disability of being born with a Vagina…that sort of stuff…

Thankfully, none of the speakers categorized a penis as a “Weapon of patriarchal oppression!”


Then came Gina Clayton-Tarvin, who did a 5 minute infomercial for Gina Clayton-Tarvin.


Had I been on top of my game, I could have made a fortune, selling my ” Gina Clayton-Tarvin Barf Bags…barf bag

The people in the crowd would have snapped them up like candy.

Oh well…you snooze, you lose, I guess…

Better luck next time…

I am woman! Hear me roar!

Oscar Rodriguez… Super Sleuth!

Oscar Rodriguez is a good little bitch.

An obedient  foot-soldier for his mentor, Gina Clayton-Tarvin.

I posted an open letter to OVSD / Tarvin on HBCF, explaining that if they divert District resources, be it staff time, legal counsel, cash from the operating budget or the Bond Fund, that I was going to bring the hammer down hard.

Since Gina is actually self absorbed enough to think that she can push a backroom, closed session deal through and walk away unscathed, I welcome the opportunity to watch Tarvin shoot herself in the foot, one final time.

Local Author Chris Epting threw out a reference to a meeting at the Seacliff Starbucks to chart a path forward. Those that RSVP’ed included 2 notable attorneys that wanted to discuss the proper path forward, so that OVSD was unable to dance away on a technicality.


Either Epting was throwing out an Epic Goof on Victor Valladares goofy sidekick or setting up a real meeting.

Turns out… He did both! ….


Epting sent out a PM and email to those who wanted to attend and moved the meeting elsewhere.

He shared a post this morning, from “Super Sleuth” Oscar Rodriguez, who staked out the original meeting site, and published this goofy ass post…


Turns out you’ve been had, Rodriguez!

Guess what… this wont be the last time…LOL

I know you have “Eyes Everywhere”…


Unfortunately  for you, Oscar P.I.,

oscar pi

It hard to see when your head is up your ass…


We’re going to run that goofy motherfucker all over town…!


“Um, sorry Gina. Nothing to report”.

*Sound of Charlie Brown adult on the other end of phone…*

” Um…. No Gina. I’m not incompetent… There’s no meeting… I swear”

*Sound of Charlie Brown adult on the other end of phone…*

” Yes Maam’… I will try harder next time… Goodbye…”


Its dangerous work Oscar.

You be careful…