Sledgehammer Women’s Battalions of Death.

Women’s Battalions of Death were all-female combat units formed after the February Revolution by the Russian Provisional Government in a last-ditch effort to inspire the mass of war-weary soldiers to continue fighting in World War I.





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HBsledgehammer has a Women’s Battalion of Shock troops that are part of the Sledgehammer Army. Women’s Battalion of Death.
First Recon Platoon.


Over the weekend the First Recon Platoon of The Sledgehammer Women’s Battalions of Death, armed to the teeth with iPhones and Starbucks coffee, infiltrated deep behind enemy lines in order to document the ridiculous Women’s Rally staged by HB Huddle.


Here’s Tarvin lying about the amplified sound permit…

This group was specifically forbidden from using amplified sound, yet they brought it anyway.

The Battalions of Death were successful in enforcing the terms of the groups Permit.

Once the brain dead cop found out the truth, he pulled the plug, just in time for the Queen Bitch’s big speech, where they were subjected to yet another 5 minute infomercial from Gina, the Queen of all victim-hood, describing how fucking awesome she is, yet again.


Asshat Oscar Rodriguez,

who bitch-stalked the non existent Gina Recall meeting,

was somehow offended that a group of WOMEN,

would attend a Women’s Rights Rally.


I would be offended that an asshole like Rodriguez,

who hangs out with Wife Beater Victor Valladares , was present,

as was Valladares.

I suppose this group of WOMEN would be excluded from any “Women’s Rights” this group purported to champion.

After all, they don’t hold the same “correct” viewpoint.

Thus, they were “Stalkers”.


Um.. Yeah. They were “Hiding” in plain sight…LOL.

I suggested that the next time they do a recon mission that they go undercover as a chola girl gang…


They weren’t having any part of it…

We are

Were not going anywhere.

Get used to it.


Oscar Rodriguez… Super Sleuth!

Oscar Rodriguez is a good little bitch.

An obedient  foot-soldier for his mentor, Gina Clayton-Tarvin.

I posted an open letter to OVSD / Tarvin on HBCF, explaining that if they divert District resources, be it staff time, legal counsel, cash from the operating budget or the Bond Fund, that I was going to bring the hammer down hard.

Since Gina is actually self absorbed enough to think that she can push a backroom, closed session deal through and walk away unscathed, I welcome the opportunity to watch Tarvin shoot herself in the foot, one final time.

Local Author Chris Epting threw out a reference to a meeting at the Seacliff Starbucks to chart a path forward. Those that RSVP’ed included 2 notable attorneys that wanted to discuss the proper path forward, so that OVSD was unable to dance away on a technicality.


Either Epting was throwing out an Epic Goof on Victor Valladares goofy sidekick or setting up a real meeting.

Turns out… He did both! ….


Epting sent out a PM and email to those who wanted to attend and moved the meeting elsewhere.

He shared a post this morning, from “Super Sleuth” Oscar Rodriguez, who staked out the original meeting site, and published this goofy ass post…


Turns out you’ve been had, Rodriguez!

Guess what… this wont be the last time…LOL

I know you have “Eyes Everywhere”…


Unfortunately  for you, Oscar P.I.,

oscar pi

It hard to see when your head is up your ass…


We’re going to run that goofy motherfucker all over town…!


“Um, sorry Gina. Nothing to report”.

*Sound of Charlie Brown adult on the other end of phone…*

” Um…. No Gina. I’m not incompetent… There’s no meeting… I swear”

*Sound of Charlie Brown adult on the other end of phone…*

” Yes Maam’… I will try harder next time… Goodbye…”


Its dangerous work Oscar.

You be careful…



Valladares and Clayton-Tarvin give Newsom a Black Eye!

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 3.55.35 PM

I read most of the local political blogs in OC, and was sickened this afternoon to see on one of them, a video of Dem Central Committee electee Victor Valladares sitting down in Anaheim this week with Dem. gubernatorial front-runner Gavin Newsom.

Why was I so appalled? Valladares is a convicted drunk driver and in the opinion of many, an UN-convicted wife beater. How many committed Democrats would have appreciated that seat to ask questions?

As for how it got to be Valladares, look no further than his political mentor, Ocean View School District Trustee Gina Clayton-Tarvin. As the blog administrator Vern Nelson wrote, “our good friend Gina Clayton-Tarvin is Gavin’s OC Ambassador!”

Harley Rouda at least had the common sense to distance himself from Valladares, once it was made clear to him that Clayton-Tarvin had failed to inform him of Victors past thug life.

Read “The Company you Keep…”

Ms. Clayton-Tarvin knows all about the reputation of Valladares. They are quite close and according to several witnesses, the pair spent the night together recently at the expensive Great Wolf Lodge in Garden Grove (along with their respective children).

She knows about all of the accusations against him. When Valladares’ ex-wife stood at a board meeting and told her harrowing tale of being beaten numerous times; how Valladares abused her and tortured her, Clayton-Tarvin rolled her eyes and called the woman a liar.

She inserted herself into their tumultuous custody battle on Valladares’ behalf. She is intimately aware of what he has done and what he is capable of doing.

So, knowing all that, why on earth would she compromise the Newsom campaign? Politicians are only as good as the company they keep. Valladares is a violent, toxic instigator, so that is quite bad for Newsom. For any politician in fact.

A brief search of this very blog produces some telling information:

“Many new allegations have surfaced. All troubling. Breannia Lalama has asserted that Victor Valladares slipped a “Date-Rape” drug into her beer, sodomized her after she passed out, filmed the event, then showed her the film the following day.”


“Lalama (former wife) asserts that Victor Valladares pushed her backwards down a flight of pea gravel stairs at an apartment they shared, resulting in permanent damage to her back. The medical files exist to substantiate the claim.”

“She asserts that Victor Valladares smashed her in the face with a coffee cup, breaking her teeth.”

It goes on and on. He has, according to her, beaten and humiliated her many times, both physically and mentally. Her #MeToo declaration was clear, honest and powerful. Clayton-Tarvin knows all of this, and no doubt much more. Yet she still did this. I believe every word Valladares’ wife has said publicly, I know those photos are real, but he still has not been convicted of spousal battery. Still, should Clayton-Tarvin risk what may still come out or what charges may be filed?

Why is it so important to put THIS violent person in front of Newsom?

What exactly is going on with these two? I must add finally, that while I have supported Newsom up until this point, I am beginning to question his judgement. Why would he entrust someone like Gina Clayton-Tarvin, who would place a miscreant like Victor Valladares in his campaign path? And what will he do about her now? Watching closely, Gavin.

Fetid Festering Feces…

When Vern Pat Nelson is your only champion, you know you are finished politically in Huntington Beach. 

Nelson is a notorious felon who has racked up 5 .. count em, 5 DUI’s. gives Vern no more than 6 months before he backslides into his old behavior.

He has zero integrity.


Vern was instrumental in the ridiculous vigil at HB Pier staged by Monica Bursov-Curca, where a cop killer was honored, along with the cops that the killer shot, before being called out and forced to walk it back.

Bursov-Curca was honored with a slot in the 2017 HBSH Clayton Advent Calendar.

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Apparently Vern and Briscoe have had some “conversations”, and have found some common ground in their hatred of  HB City Attorney, Michael Gates.

Somehow, Vern feels he has the moral upper hand when dealing with Gates, who actually embodies morals and integrity.

Vern had positioned himself as as supporter of Gates, a position that was apparently as disposable as an empty bottle of Jack.

Nelson published yet another screed, praising OVSD Trustee, “Smilin” John Briscoe over on his pathetic OJBlog.

Apparently there is some collusion between the two…

Time for a CPRA Request?


*Note: Nelson promptly deleted this post above, after it created some blowback….*

It was followed on Nelson’s blog by the predictable progressive hypocrisy, calling Gates kids  “Wonder Bread”…

Not a word from Nelson on the racist implications of the term…

As usual with the progressives , the ends justify the means…



How this loon ever got elected to public office is beyond my comprehension.

Doubt me?

Read this email and ask me if you think this man is sane…

John appears to be really impressed with himself…

brsicoe idiot

And Apparently is a big fan of Pizza Sticks! …LOL

pizza sticks

Thanks John!


pizza siticks 2

I Suppose a pizza stick is better than a Turd Sandwich…LOL


Heres the deal.

Attacking a respected member of our community is certainly no way to win hearts and minds.

But Briscoe cant get past the fact that Gates cruised to an easy victory on OC GOP Central committee, while Briscoe was shown the door.

Speaking of doors, Briscoe’s political demise will end at the doors of Pinehurst lane in November 2018, when he is tossed out on his ass by the voters who have finally tired of his antics, and have been duly informed as to where this guy really comes from, rather than the fake conservative persona that he attempts to project.

A few grassroots Republican activists are now in the process of kicking the chair out from under John Briscoe and leaving him to twist in the wind, meeting with those who may have endorsed him in the past.

For the good of our party.

Any endorsement of Briscoe by any GOP politicians will be met with an immediate demand for a meeting, at which they will get the  full picture of Briscoe’s insanity, and a retraction will be demanded.

John Briscoe has no place in government at ANY level.

Just like his ass-hat associate on the Dem side, Victor Valladares.


Vern, thinks both are swell.

Have a fucking Pizza Stick and a cocktail Vern.

And enjoy the 12 pack of green bottles that you find on your porch.

"Dos chicos que piensan que importan"!…

Victor Valladares and Oscar Rodriguez are still under some misguided impression that anybody gives two shits about their opinion.

Valladares has been outed as violent, alcoholic thug and Oscar continues his pathetic routine of playing the goofy sidekick to Valladares “Activista” straight-man.

Unlike Victor, Lenore Albert-Sheridan is someone from the progressive contingent that I actually respect and admire.


Victor makes fucking pizzas off the books for cash and can’t be bothered to pay his child support.

Yet, he functions politically, through sugar daddy contributions from a variety of odd benefactors.

His recent veiled comments regarding Albert -Sheridan had me spitting out my coffee, laughing…


In Valladares small defective mind, everybody is plotting against him.

And it’s all a result of … you guessed it…”racism”.

Like I’ve said many times, if your whole existence is filtered though the lens of “Race”…

If you impart a “Racial Component” to your analysis of every aspect of your life…. You …are a fucking racist.

Valladares, who cant carry Albert-Sheridan’s Handbag, throws out this tripe…




Earth to Victor… you don’t matter anymore.

Nobody gives a fuck what you think or who you endorse.

Go back in the garage and go pound a few beers with Vern and Oscar.

And while you are at it, go get a real fucking job.

If that doesn’t work out, you and Oscar can always be Luchadoras….

” Ladies and gentlemen… please welcome to the ring…

Dos chicos que piensan que importan…!