Now accepting applications.

Tired of all those homeless fuckers pissing in your bushes, stealing your bikes, smoking meth, leaving IV needles lying around, shitting in buckets and mouthing off about their rights? 

Tired of a  police chief that doesn’t do shit about the problem and mumbles lip service when cornered?

HBCPL is for you. 

Requirements: Ability to swing a bat, spark a road flare, shoot a paintball gun and throw rotten fruit a reasonable distance. Unpredictable large breed dogs a plus.

Current chapters: Downtown HB, South East HB and North HB.

Meetings are held at dive bars or in somebody’s man cave garage, all over town.

Just remember, if you run across this homeless chick, she can stay.

At least she productive…



Sledgehammer Women’s Battalions of Death.

Women’s Battalions of Death were all-female combat units formed after the February Revolution by the Russian Provisional Government in a last-ditch effort to inspire the mass of war-weary soldiers to continue fighting in World War I.





Click here for more on the Women’s Battalions of Death…

HBsledgehammer has a Women’s Battalion of Shock troops that are part of the Sledgehammer Army. Women’s Battalion of Death.
First Recon Platoon.


Over the weekend the First Recon Platoon of The Sledgehammer Women’s Battalions of Death, armed to the teeth with iPhones and Starbucks coffee, infiltrated deep behind enemy lines in order to document the ridiculous Women’s Rally staged by HB Huddle.


Here’s Tarvin lying about the amplified sound permit…

This group was specifically forbidden from using amplified sound, yet they brought it anyway.

The Battalions of Death were successful in enforcing the terms of the groups Permit.

Once the brain dead cop found out the truth, he pulled the plug, just in time for the Queen Bitch’s big speech, where they were subjected to yet another 5 minute infomercial from Gina, the Queen of all victim-hood, describing how fucking awesome she is, yet again.


Asshat Oscar Rodriguez,

who bitch-stalked the non existent Gina Recall meeting,

was somehow offended that a group of WOMEN,

would attend a Women’s Rights Rally.


I would be offended that an asshole like Rodriguez,

who hangs out with Wife Beater Victor Valladares , was present,

as was Valladares.

I suppose this group of WOMEN would be excluded from any “Women’s Rights” this group purported to champion.

After all, they don’t hold the same “correct” viewpoint.

Thus, they were “Stalkers”.


Um.. Yeah. They were “Hiding” in plain sight…LOL.

I suggested that the next time they do a recon mission that they go undercover as a chola girl gang…


They weren’t having any part of it…

We are

Were not going anywhere.

Get used to it.


Most people that read HBSledgehammer, are aware that my political leanings are decidedly conservative.

Many are amazed to find out that I actually have a libertarian streak when it comes to a few issues.

But my thing really boils down to electing leaders with integrity and a willingness to stand by what they believe in, and calling out the poseurs and pretenders with no real desire to drive change, on both sides of the political spectrum.

In the last election cycle, Lenore Albert-Sheridan ran for CA Assembly in the 72nd District against Travis Allen, and managed to give Allen a good run for the money while  operating on a shoestring with minimal support from the OCDEM apparatus.

Albert-Sheridan has chosen to continue her ambitious strategy.

In this cycle she has pulled papers again, to have another go at the 72 Assembly district seat.

Her Dem opponent, is the anointed Party apparatchik, Josh Lowenthal.

His clout stems from the fact that his father, Rep Alan Lowenthal is  heavily connected in the OCDem party.

Nobody likes political dynasties anymore.

Just ask Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush or a starving North Korean.

Through some recent twists of fate, I have had the pleasure of debating Albert-Sheridan and goofing on her, online.

Problem is, she gives as good as she gets.

Her background as a trial lawyer makes her a formidable opponent. But she has demonstrated a true commitment to justice and a willingness to fight for those who have few options.

And that is what engenders my respect for her, despite the fact that we are miles apart politically on a variety of issues.

Albert- Sheridan is in the midst of extricating herself from the fallout she encountered when going to bat for many whom were facing foreclosure, that fell prey to the bankers and Wall Street vultures that engineered the economic meltdown while our complicit politicians stood idly by, watching, in 2008.

Rome burning, while Nero fiddled.

Far right extremists conducted an insane campaign of retribution against Albert – Sheridan that she is still fighting today.

Albert-Sheridan is smart enough to hedge her bets, and has chosen to file papers for two other offices that she is certainly qualified to run for.

She is also pulling papers for OC District Attorney, running against an array of GOP and Dem Party hacks.

In addition, she is running for the bench, specifically, Judge of the Superior Court, Office No. 15, in hopes of taking out disgraced sitting Judge, M. Marc Kelly,  who sparked national outcry in April 2015 when he shaved 15 years from a mandatory minimum sentence for Kevin Jonas Rojano-Nieto, convicted in December 2014 of sodomizing a three-year-old relative.

Click here for details on M. Marc Kelly…

Albert- Sheridan tends to be a bomb thrower.

Just one of the things I like about her.

Our system is designed with multiple hurdles that face those who seek office.

Among them, the need to submit an insane amount of signatures, in order to even qualify for the ballot.

Well heeled candidates simply pony up the cash to circumvent the requirement.

Albert- Sheridan is up against a tight deadline to submit the qualifying signatures.

Her petitions need to be submitted by February 7th, 2018.

Because I respect integrity and commitment more than ideology, I am posting links to Albert-Sheridan’s filing papers below.

Please download and print the signature petitions and circulate them among your neighbors and friends.

I  am personally very interested in seeing Albert-Sheridan deliver a boot to the ass of Marc Kelly, and will be walking my hood with the petition. 

There are a few rules for the person filling out the form. They cannot enter the person’s name or address on the form. The person signing the form must put in their name and address in print on the form themselves, then sign it themselves.

They must use the same name, signature and address as they used when they registered to vote (that can be tricky – they can call the Registrar’s office if they are not sure what address or name they used – sometimes people will use a maiden name or a surname like Jr, some used their parent’s address to vote, for example.  

The person handing out the petition must fill out the back bottom portion. They fill in the dates that they circulated it and sign and date it. They can email Lenore a copy of it and return the original to the Registrar’s office in person themselves or Lenore is willing to meet individuals, to pick the forms up for submission.

Each signature saves Lenore money she would have to pay for filing fee.

Here are the links to the forms. Once completed, they can be emailed to Lenore at;


Click to Download Lenore for Superior Court Judge Petitions Here…

judge screenshot
Lenore For Superior Court Judge

Click to Download Lenore for 72nd District CA assembly Petitions here…

72nd screenshot
Lenore for 72nd Assembly

Click here to Download Lenore for DA petitions here…

DA Screenshot
Lenore For DA