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I started this blog a year ago.   The June 2017 Posts were all experimental and were deleted.

I’m going to go on a much needed hiatus.

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CKJ 6/7/18



A True Debt of Gratitude…

Every OVSD voter owes a huge debt of gratitude to 47th district Republican Congressional candidate, David Clifford. clifford

Clifford lost his primary race against carpetbagging John F. Briscoe, who pulled every ratty campaign sign he ever paid for out of his storage facility and plastered them all over a Congressional District he dosent even live in.

Clifford and I shared a good laugh, as it appeared as though some of Briscoes campaign signs had been fabricated in the Vietnam war era, and were dirty and bent to shit.

Unfortunately, many uniformed voters cast their votes for the guy with the most signs or glossiest mailers…

If any of these “Low Information” voters had bothered to investigate Briscoe, they would have arrived at the same opinion as me….that this man is an unqualified loon, unfit for ANY office, let alone a Congressional one.

Clifford did fantastic in his rookie outing, garnering the endorsements of both the LA and OC County GOP…the same ones that avoided Briscoe like that smelly bum that sits down next to you on a bus, causing you to get up and move to avoid his insane ramblings and noticeable stench.

The utter irony in all this?

Although we lost an opportunity to field a solid candidate against Lowenthal in the 47th, we gained something good in the process.

Since Briscoe is now running in the Congressional General Election, he cannot run for OVSD again.

That seat will now open up for a true conservative.

And Briscoe will he embarrassingly trounced by Lowenthal come November.

Which means….Briscoe is finished politically.

As he should be.

This man isn’t qualified to run for dog catcher, let alone congress.

Clifford, on the other hand,has a bright future in the coming years,as he learns the ropes and continues to garner support for his next run.

To the Republicans in the 47th, I don’t say you need to vote for Lowenthal. When you hit that spot on your ballot, just keep going, and leave it blank.

Don’t reward Briscoe with even one vote.

Push him out the political door forever, where he belongs.

And to anybody that endorses Briscoe in this race, I have a long memory. To endorse this asshat simply because he is the “Republican” in the race, I not much different than endorsing Alfred E. Newman because their is an R next to his name.

alfred and John

Consider this fair warning.

Time for truth…

Im decompressing this morning….enjoying a smoke and a cup of coffee at my favorite table to write at over at Harrys… I have much to say about my court battle yesterday…Trust me…its coming….i just need to settle in with my laptop and it will flow like water…be patient readers…i promise a world of fun!

Tarvin apparently yanked her bullshit “defamation” suit…no matter…shes still going to pay my attorneys fees…

And if Ms. Clayton -Tarvin thinks thats the end of this…think again Gina. Im in discussions with a gentleman who worked in the DAs office for 20+ years and identified the elements of perjury in your filing and offered me a knowing smile. Then comes comes malicious prosecution. Then we move on to a “real” defamation case, before closing with a intentional infliction of emotional distress.

I think its time for truth Gina. All the crocodile tears in the world won’t save you now….lawyer up bitch.

HBSledgehammer University: Online Syllabus-ETHICS 104 – SLAPP Lawsuits.

Welcome to HBSledgehammer University:

Online Education. ETHICS 104- SLAPP Lawsuits.

Professor: Miss Smith. 714-536-9303 email:


We have prepared this syllabus for your use.

In this class, we will cover the fundamentals of what constitutes a SLAPP Lawsuit.


Next we will cover why SLAPP Suits are filed Including:

  • Attempts to silence political critics
  • Attempts to intimidate political critics
  • Confusion over the intent or direction of a statement.
  • Inability of a public figure or business to accept the fact that they are disliked
  • Inability of a public figure or business to effectively accept open criticism
  • Paranoia
  • Mental Illness
  • Being a total asshole
  • And Finally, Bat Shit Craziness

The class will then review important case law pertaining to SLAPP suits including:

  • HUSTLER MAGAZINE, INC. V. FALWELL 485 U.S. 46 (1988)
  • Scott v. McDonnell Douglas Corporation (1974) 37 Cal.App.3d 277, 288.
  • Fox Searchlight Pictures, Inc. v. Paladino (2001) 89 Cal.App.4th 294, 308.
  • Barrett v. Rosenthal, 40 Cal. 4th 33, 41 n.4 (2006
  • Ampex v. Cargle, 128 Cal. App. 4th 1569, 1576 (2005)
  • Franklin v. Dynamic Details, Inc. (2004) 116 Cal.App.4th 375, 385. 
  • Chaker v. Mateo (2012) 209 CA4th 1138, 1148.
  • Ghafur v. Bernstein (2005) 131 Cal.App.4th 1230,1238.

Finally, we will cover ANTI SLAPP law Including:

  • The severe financial consequences of filing a bogus lawsuit
  • The embarrassment of having your ass handed to you in open court
  • The potential for the intended “Victim” of your SLAPP suit to mock you mercilessly
  • The feeling of abject failure resulting from having your SLAPP suit tossed by a Judge within minutes of reading the complaint.
  • And a recap of the additional fees and costs that the Plaintiff will pay as a result of a gleeful attorney for the defendant taking the case on contingency.


I've got you under my wheels…


The Feb 14th, 2018, Parkland school shooting tragedy, spawned an entire spectrum of media whores, clambering over the backs of the dead victims, fighting for face time and an opportunity to shove their progressive views down the throats of anybody within a earshot of a television or a smartphone.

On a local level, Gina Clayton-Tarvin was first out of the gate.

gina2 recently released a post, regarding Gina Clayton-Tarvin, and her use of the Parkland shooting tragedy, to advance her political agenda, regarding 2nd amendment restrictions. Tarvin apparently took Rahm Emmanuel’s mantra ..” Never let a good crisis go to waste”, to heart.

The piece, entitled “Standing Tall on the Backs of the Dead”, garnered unprecedented attention and interest, as far as interest in this blog goes.

Despite her best attempts Tarvin couldn’t match the obnoxious media presence of David Hogg, who grabbed his 15 minutes of fame and turned it into an endless stream of fucking rants…this kid is an indoctrinated tool.

His cohort and fellow media whore, Emma Gonzalez gets in on the act… shes not quite as obnoxious as Hogg, but still brings to mind fingernails on a chalkboard or a dental drill.

One of the saddest episodes was the Co-Opting of a local rally, supposedly “Non-Partisan” and “Organized by Kids…” by congressional candidates Harley Rouda, Hans Kierstead and Laura Oatman, who used the legacy of dead children to forward their own agendas and engaged in the usual progressive sloganeering… fucking pathetic.

” Don’t let a good crisis go to waste”?

Fuck You.

Have some respect for the dead and acknowledge that 50 percent of the Country… you know, those “Deplorable” Types…

Think you have elevated the concept of “Deplorable”, to an entirely new level.

Ready when you are…

Excerpted from the New York Times…

“In 1988, the United States Supreme Court, in an 8-0 ruling, broadly reaffirmed and extended its rules protecting criticism of public figures as free speech, even if the criticism is ”outrageous” and offensive.

The Court overturned a jury’s $200,000 award to the Rev. Jerry Falwell for ”emotional distress” over a Hustler magazine parody that portrayed him as an incestuous drunk.

The decision was written in sweeping language by Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist, who has often taken a narrow view of the First Amendment’s protection of free speech. 

He said that ”graphic depictions and satirical cartoons have played a prominent role in public and political debate” throughout the nation’s history and that the First Amendment protects even ”vehement, caustic and sometimes unpleasantly sharp attacks.” 

Press groups and civil libertarians applauded the decision as a welcome protection for editorial cartoonists in particular and commentators in general.

The Court effectively shut off an effort to make it easier for public figures to muzzle criticism and satire.

Concern for freedom of speech has led the Court, in decisions beginning with New York Times Company v. Sullivan in 1964, to apply the ”actual malice” standard in suits by public officials and public figures seeking compensation for false statements that injure the plaintiff’s reputation. The decision today extends that standard to suits in which the injury alleged is not to reputation but to mental well-being.”

At, we vet everything that we publish.

Nothing false goes out.

We engage in satire and wide open criticism, of inept and unqualified public officials, in the public interest.

To those politicians that suffer from mental illnesses, such as Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Paranoia, and feel that any critical comment is “harassment”, Libel, slander etc…. I’ve got news for you.

Chief Justice Rehnquist held in 1988, that even ”speech that is patently offensive and is intended to inflict emotional injury” on public figures is protected by the First Amendment if it does not include false statements made without regard for whether they are false.

Don’t ever forget it. We don’t.

We are

And we stand in open defiance of anyone who would silence our voices.

Bring It on. We’re Ready….

Stranger things have happened…




Click here for a link to “March for our lives; Is there a Hero in OC?”



In yet another surprising twist in the Gina Clayton-Tarvin “Active Shooter saga, Liberal OC Writer, Dan Chmielewski, seems to have hit the wall in his attempt to pry the truth out of Gina Clayton-Tarvin and her “Active Gunman” bullshit fiasco.


I was astonished to find that another local writer  was interested, and actively pursuing, getting to the bottom of Tarvin’s Meteor Crater sized hole that she had managed to dig for herself.

This after after digging in, to insist that she was truthful, when she elected to stand on the backs of the dead recently, to advance her political agenda.


Chmielewski, you may be a progressive lib, but you know bullshit when you see it.

Good on ya mate!

God knows those fucking turds over at OJBlog would have buried this deep.

When AudioSledgehammer gets underway soon, you are hereby invited to offer the progressive counterpoint…just be on your toes buddy… all I ask.


Get Ready.

CJ Ray Fundraiser at Mama's on 39…


Charles “CJ” Ray is a 2018 Candidate for Huntington Beach City Council.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Ray a while back, and found him to be articulate, knowledgeable, sincere and most of all, qualified for a seat on the HB City Council. Ray  has lived his entire life in HB and cares deeply about his City.

He offers unique solutions to many of the problems we face as a city and manages to set himself apart from his competition. He is unaligned with any of the existing Republican factions in Huntington Beach and tends to go his own way.

Ray’s Grandfather, Don Watson, served with distinction as the HB City Treasurer from 1988 to 1996.

Ray was a hardcore Baseball player in his High School Years.

He graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a Bachelors in Communications with a minor in Political Science. Ray then went on to obtain his Juris Doctorate from Trinity Law School, graduating with a Dean’s scholarship. 

Ray’s oratory abilities are off the charts. I can’t wait to watch him dismantle his competition in open debate during the 2018 Candidate Forums.

It will be priceless to watch…a true highlight of the 2018 campaign season…

I would like to encourage all HB Sledgehammer readers to come on out and attend Rays’s inaugural fundraiser and help him get off to a good start.

Unlike some other professed Republican candidates, he dosent have 50k in bitcoin lying around to self fund his campaign, although, as an successful attorney, I’m sure hes not hurting for scratch.

I plan on being in attendance. It might be a good chance for the HBSledgehammer Army to hold a private side meeting, to plot and scheme our plan for world domination.

Leave the Sledge T-shirts at home ladies!


We all know how problematic they can be…

See you all at Mama’s on 39, Wednesday, April 11th, 2018 from 5:30-7:30. And don’t forget to bring your wallet….

Click Here for CJ Ray’s Campaign website…

Postscript…since we usually end our posts with some pertinent music, I thought i would throw out this slab of heavy Scandanavian Metal for CJ Ray…who admitted hes a fan of some good distorted noise…just another reason to like him….


Homeless Zombie Apocalypse.

With the release of the news yesterday that OC County supervisiors have voted to spread the joy of housing the incorrigible drug addicted, mentally ill, homeless zombies from the Santa Ana Riverbed to Huntington Beach, allow me to put the entire governmental structure of our city on notice.

If you refuse to stand up to this insane plan, I will declare war.

Think I’m joking?

We already have a Police Chief that treats these criminal miscreants as honored guests, to the detriment of all who have to tolerate the behavior of these people.

There was a time when Huntington Beach police made it clear to these folks that they were not welcome to take up residence anywhere they chose to and impose their lifestyle on peaceful, law abiding communities.

Old School policing might get you a one way trip to Stanton in the back of a squad car. That was if you were lucky. The alternative approach was a no bruise beat down behind a shopping center and a stern warning to get the fuck out of town….fast.

And don’t come back.

If this situation is allowed to stand, I predict open vigilante warfare by the fed up residents of HB who, in the absence of any real police concern about the phenomenon, elect to take matters into their own hands.


This will quickly grow ugly and perhaps violent as the old school HB asskicking brigade emerges from decades of civility and takes to the streets to solve this problem in classic old school HB Fashion.


So lets get busy City Council. City Attorney Michael Gates. Police Chief Handy. This one is on you.

This is the time for action.


Oh Stormy…

Libs are making a big deal about President Trump and Stephanie Clifford, better know as “Stormy Daniels”.

Clifford is an incredibly milfy porn star, that Trump probably was banging behind his wife’s back.

Apparently Trump gave her some hush money. Big Deal.

It’s a nothingburger.


It’s nothing like Bill Clinton using the Oval Office as a playpen when he was banging Monica Lewinsky.

Clinton was a sitting President, subject to possible blackmail and he lied like a son of a bitch.. 

Remember this classic moment?

Trump was a private citizen and there is nothing illegal about Non Disclosure agreements.

They happen every day.

I found the fact that Clifford came forward and violated the Non Disclosure agreement, far more distasteful then anything that may have gone down behind closed doors.

This is nothing more than an issue between a husband and a wife.

If Melania Trump chooses to forgive Donald Trump for his transgressions, then that’s her business.

Perhaps she can use the sympathy generated by her stoic loyalty to her husband and leverage it into a Senate seat.

Perhaps even be elevated to Secretary of State.

It’s been done before…


This is a non scandal.

Just like this shit.

The funny thing about this whole scandal is that when you argue with a lib about the implications of this, they have no response, other than to acknowledge that Trump is on his wife’s shit list.

And most of the male debaters admit that given an opportunity, they would have a go at Stormy…

Heck, I know I would.

And it wouldn’t be “Vanilla”….



 Nothingburgers will leave you hungry for some substance.