Gina Clayton-Tarvin Sued me and all I got was this stupid T-shirt…

stupid tshirt.jpg

In an absolute kamikaze mission, Gina Clayton- Tarvin strapped herself into a Baka bomb, destined for a one way attack into legal oblivion.

Pulling down the shoulders straps in her Baka Bomb, Tarvin walked in to court May 9th to do battle with me and my supporters.

She pulled the release lever and launched her mission… one from which she was guaranteed no return.


Tarvin need not learn how to land.

There was no returning from this attempt to shut down HBSledgehammer and that “Psycho” Chuck Johnson.

Desperate people take desperate measures. Somehow, despite the crocodile tears and the Oscar worthy performance, Tarvin ran into a wall of cannon fire, once my wingman Chris Epting hit the stand.

Epting fought off a perplexed judge, then managed to unload a brutal volley that left Tarvins Baka bomb smoking, spinning and falling.

He was quickly followed on the stand by myself, and despite my insane effort to control my rage, no doubt some of it managed to show thru and I simply proceeded to dismantle her case, line by line, exhibit by exhibit.

I pumped a few more rounds from my cannon at her attorneys and her aircraft and banked hard right as Norm Westwell flew tail positon and brought up the rear…Westwell put even more holes in her flaming, falling aircraft.

My attorney then managed to hit her with a massive wall of first amendment flak from which she could not escape.

Her suicide mission ended as it should… with her weapon falling harmlessly into the sea, with all of us cackling and laughing about what a crappy pilot she was, and how easy it was to shoot her down.

Her high command must have seen that that they were up against far harder targets than Tarvin had let on, and promptly ended the second phase of Tarvins offensive and dismissed her ridiculous Civil “Harassment” suit the following morning.

The Judge actually chastised Tarvin’s attorneys for the terrible case they presented, gave my attorney a subtle beatdown for his lack of prep and calling me “Mr. Wilson”… ( promptly corrected to Mr. Johnson… told me to ” Just be nice…” or some shit like that..He apparently wasn’t a fan of my dark humor, nor my foul language…


He then informed Tarvin and Myself that he didn’t want to see either myself nor Tarvin in his courtroom ever again… so Gina… behave yourself.

I won’t. Not a chance in hell.

But Gina, you had better behave amd stop it with the bullshit lawsuits… No doubt Stafford will remember you and just tell the bailiff to get this lying sack of shit out of my courtroom before my head explodes from having to listen to your lies and tales of victim-hood.

Anybody out there think that I’m going to play nice?…. Bwhahahahah!

Not a chance. It only get worse from here on out. Briscoe, Souders, Singer.. get out there and start taking your swings in the on deck circle.

You are all part of the problem. a problem I’m now even more dedicated than ever to solve.

Think of it as a public service.

My next release will include all of the court documents related to this case. Judge for yourself.

Develop a clear picture of what just went down may 9th. You are going to have to wait while I structure it perfectly, in chronological fashion, so that you develop a solid understanding.

But by the time you are finished reading what will no doubt be a long piece, you will have all the tools required to understand Gina Clayton- Tarvin…. and why I fight so damn hard against her… so damn hard, that she tried to sue me out of desperation, to shut me up.

The Sledgehammer counteroffensive has been in the planning stages for quite a while now.

The advisors are quietly amassing the battle plan. It involves numerous pending battles.

Perjury. Conspiracy. Malicious Prosecution. Defamation.

And yeah… intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Ever read the “Art of War” by Sun Tzu? I have.

It sits on my nightstand. I read it a lot. I highly recommend it to anyone. The man is a genius.

“Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win

In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”

“Engage people with what they expect; it is what they are able to discern and confirms their projections. It settles them into predictable patterns of response, occupying their minds while you wait for the extraordinary moment — that which they cannot anticipate.”

“Be extremely subtle even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.”

Sun Tzu~ The Art of War.

Gina, whoever convinced you to walk into a minefield with a blindfold on, did you no favors.

You and I will be intrinsically linked for life… or at least as long as your working career… you will see that deduction check after check for “Garnishment”.

And I will save it all in a special account so that my son and i can surf Costa Rica for two weeks straight once he hits sixteen. Thanks.

See you again in court soon. And don’t worry…. It wont be C-66 with Stafford. You can try out the waterworks on a whole new judge.

But no doubt, the result, will be much the same.

See you at the next OVSD meeting!


As the cookie crumbles..

Seems Mary Urashima got some love from “Historic China Alley” in Hanford CA.

Not sure what that is but it brings this to mind…


Oh wait… “Historic China Alley” must have made a “Donation” to the same group Mary Urashima cites all the time!…

Anyway, “Historic China Alley” mentioned the “Unbroken Noodles of Longevity”, in their yummy looking noodle dish featured in he post.


I thought it would be appropriate to send Mary Urashima some Fortune cookies to go along with that fantastic looking dish.



 Hope you enjoyed the cookies, Mary!

And so, it begins.

Gina Clayton-Tarvin is now floating trial balloons regarding OVSD involvement in purchasing the Republic site at Warner and Nichols, to the sole benefit of “Historic Wintersburg”.

Tarvin mouths off

In addition, her hypocrisy is on full display, with her recommendation to HB Gadfly Gino Bruno, who allegedly will require absolutely no embalming fluid when he passes away, due to his copious consumption of “Adult Beverages”.

Tarvin, who recently started a social media campaign to shame and discredit those who would dare to file a CPRA request with the OVSD, citing the high cost of compliance, flippantly suggests that Bruno….. file a CPRA request!

In 2016, OVSD saddled the taxpayers with a 169 Million dollar bond issue.

The purpose of which was as follows:

ovsd measure R

If it is Tarvin or the boards intent to simply pull a land swap, that wont pass muster either.

Word on the street is that Grace Lutheran may be losing the facility at Robinwood School.

Is there any intent to use this property as a bargaining chip in any negotiations with  Republic and Public Storage?

Let the CPRA requests begin!

It’s time to do some ” very forward thinking” on the part of the District Residents.

As a public service, is in the process of drafting notices of intent to recall ANY  OVSD trustee that votes to proceed with this plan.

In addition, we will begin laying the groundwork required to obtain injunctive relief and block the sale of the OVSD until the results of the recall effort are determined.

Trustee Norm Westwell is a known proponent of private property rights and would certainly never agree to this insane “Gina Show” scheme. It is a waste of time to prep a Recall notice for Westwell.

The draft documents will undergo review by our outside counsel, and once approved, will be made available for immediate  download, signature and submission by the residents of OVSD, right here on, should the Board of Trustees choose to even consider following this ridiculous path.

Please do not download and circulate these draft notices.

The approved, vetted notices will be made available soon.





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