A Year of Fun!

HBSledgehammer hit some milestones recently, coming up on the first birthday of this blog.

The breech birth of this collection of nonsense and common sense was the result of a deep disdain for Corporate Social Media, the assholes that run it, and the people that use it as a propaganda platform.

15,000+ Unique Visitors and 50,000+views.

People actually read this shit.

A few may even enjoy it…


The Speech codes, the disingenuous thuggery of those who cant  handle different opinions, and the ignorant fools that envisioned themselves as sages of wisdom, brought this mutant platform for fun and old fashioned ass kicking…screaming into the world, bloody, and slimy.

When presented to the proud father, he remarked, ” Thats an ugly fucking baby… but it’s mine and I will love it unconditionally.”

The afterbirth has been as disgusting as expected… but if you don’t like it, just turn your head and don’t look.

Sooner or later it winds up in the waste bin, if it’s not eaten by the proud parents. (Yeah..that’s a thing….)

Thanks to all of our readers and supporters.

People that realize that words…. are just that. Words.

I’m not writing any political shit for a while.

I just need a break from all the stupidity…

Elections are looming fast… you all know I can’t stay out of that fray…LOL


Slate Mailer from Hell?  You know its coming…

Back after a while…




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