Sledge Album Review -Sugar " File Under Easy Listening" – 1994.

I don’t care much for what passes for music these days.

Somehow, a guy wearing 20 lbs of gold chains, a fucking giant clock and a mouth full of gold teeth, boasting about the size of his cock and his handgun collection, dosen’t hold much interest for an old punk rocker like me.

There are a few hip hop acts I do like.

Fun Lovin’ Criminals comes straight to mind.

Anybody that can sample “Resevoir Dogs” dialog and drop it into a song about robbing banks while high,is alright by me. And they actually play musical instruments. I first heard these guys on BBC 1  on the car radio, when I was driving from Newcastle to London. They were big in England, but somehow never caught on in the US.

While searching for a piece of music to punctuate a piece I wrote recently, I stumbled back across a record that I really dug long ago, that I hadn’t heard in a long while.

Bob Mould formed Sugar, in the wake of the disintegration of seminal midwest punk band, Husker Du.

“File Under Easy Listening” was a solid collection of tracks that earned a spot in my CD changer and never got removed. The production values were tight on this album. My hat is off to the engineer that miked and captured the crisp drum sound.

Mould’s songwriting was literary and funny. Combine that with a crunchy guitar sound and I’m all over it.


Gee Angel”

Panama City Hotel”

What you want it to Be”

The song I used recently..”Believe What your Sayin…”

“Your Favorite Thing”

I will dispense with the lesser tracks..there werent many.

I’m glad I grew up when music was real…I ill take an old record over the new stuff coming out anyday…

Not that there arent some great new bands, but they seem so few and far between and most of what passes for music anymore is formulaic retreads of last weeks hit…



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