Letters…we get letters…



An interesting letter showed up in my inbox this morning.

Apparently, not everyone in the OC Democrat Party has fallen for the smiling charismatic understudy of Gina Clayton-Tarvin,

Mr. Victor Valladares.

This letter, citing links to pieces outlining the behavior and criminal activity of Victor Valladares, published on HBSledgehammer.com, was widely circulated to OCDEM insiders by someone who had to be connected to the Party Apparatus.

I cropped a giant list of email addresses out of the image above.

Valladares has somehow still managed to lie his way through to convincing gullible people, people that “just want to believe” in Victor I guess, that he is the victim of an “alt-right smear campaign “.

I’m glad that somebody within the OCDEM party shares my loathing of unqualified individuals making important decisions that could impact my life, and that of my children.

No doubt the publisher of this letter will be called a “racist” or a “Vendido”…perhaps a “Vendida” as Valladares loves to scream in the ear of women, with his handy bullhorn.

Valladares always falls back on that tired rhetoric when cornered.

For anybody interested, I am publishing a series of links to all the pertinent pieces that pertain to Victor Valladares.

You will find them below.

And to the individual that sent the letter above, you are a hero.

My hat is off.

I may not agree with your politics, but I value your integrity and willingness to do the right thing when it comes to detaching and discarding the remoras that suck the blood from the host.

By the way, letter writer…one favor to ask.

If you run into Victor Valladares at the Convention, ask him who paid his way.

We all know he didn’t…Dr. Moreno perhaps?

Opinion: Victor Valladeres needs to come clean about his criminal past.

Its time for the Democratic Party of Orange County to reject Victor Valladares.

A Rebuttal to Victor Valladares recent statement.

The Company You Keep.

Victor Valladares Lawsuit Update:

Want more? Got more…

Opinion: Victor Valladares needs to come clean on his relationship with crime. Gina Clayton-Tarvin needs to come clean on her relationship with Victor Valladares.

Clayton Family Advent Calendar Day 22…Still Smiling… Still Lying.

“Dos chicos que piensan que importan”!…

No doubt there is more.

It will turn up in “related content” if you care to read it.

To those of you in the OCDem party that are STILL supporting  and actively  bankrolling this uneducated  unskilled poser, you’ve been had. 

Too bad…no refunds…

And  to anybody that actually wishes to carry out an investigation, contact me.

I know where all the bodies are buried.


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