A Rebuttal to Victor Valladares recent statement.


Republished by request.

I will preface this piece with the admission that I am certainly no role model for acceptable behavior. I have many instances in my life of behavior that I am ashamed of.  But then again, I’m not the one trying to pass myself off as a leader. That being said, let’s move on to my response to Mr. Victor Valladares. -ed.

Editors note: In Order to establish the context of this post, I have updated it with the words of Victor Valladares Ex-Wife as a way for the reader to fully understand the nature of this post. They are published directly below:

“About two days after last Halloween, he was drunk again and got mad at me and in front of his two sisters, now 21 and 17 years old. He said to me he would cut my throat and watch me bleed out quicker than the cops could come to save me. He has thrown my kitten off a two- story balcony and his sister also witnessed that.”

“He got naked and was begging me to sleep with him. I told him no, over and over again, he started to get mad, I had my car keys in my hand with my finger in the loop. He grabbed my wrist and twisted it and started ripping the keys out of my hand. I started hitting him to let go of me but he just got stronger. After he got the keys he said that I wasn’t going to leave and demanded me to get his clothes for him. I told him to get them himself and that’s when he made a fist and made a gesture that he was going to hit me. I jumped up and ran for the door and he jumped up and grab my arm and pulled me back.”

“He has abused me verbally for over four years. Has called me a fat whore, a nasty bitch that is nothing but a nasty slut, a whore, cunt, bitch and many more things. He has threatened to kill my father in front of people.”

I will stop momentarily to display a video of Victor Valladares arguing with his Ex Father in law. Note the behavior of both men. The snarky attitude of Valladares speaking with the concerned father of his ex wife, who obviously has reason to despise him. It is obvious who is seeking conflict. His father in law tries to disengage and walk away. Valladares bird dogs him and plays coy with his questions. Much respect to the Father in law for not pounding him into the pavement. Perhaps that was Valladares objective…

“He put his forearm on my neck and told me I better tell him everything as he was pushing down with his forearm on my throat.”

“He has made many threats to me all while he is under the influence of beer. He has said he will never stop drinking and has been drinking for six years plus. He has a bad drinking problem. I get scared when he is intoxicated because he is mentally unstable and I don’t know what he’s capable of.”

“I’m asking him to move out and immediately check into a sober living program for his drinking. And not to harass stalk or follow me at home or my parents house.”

“I called the police. They came out and Victor wouldn’t open the door. I ended up driving to my dad’s house. In the morning he didn’t remember much because he was drunk the night before. He drinks every day and heavily and gets mad if I don’t have sex with him.”

Victor Valladares released a statement November 10th’ 2017 categorically denying the validity of the information presented by a guest contributor, Kristen Sullivan and published on HBSledgehammer.com, November 8th 2017, regarding his involvement in various forms of abuse inflicted on his ex wife.

Click here for Kristen Sullivan’s Post on Victor Valladares for an understanding of this dispute..

Here’s Victor’s response;


As expected, he deflects and denies all allegations, effectively painting both myself and his ex wife as a liar.

First, some background. This piece was written by Kristen Sullivan, a Democrat, who requested equal time to refute some of my assertions in the past and who is concerned  with the way her Party has come off the rails.

She submitted the piece regarding Valladares to me for review on November 6th, 2017 with no backup.

Naturally I was interested in publishing it, but refused to do so without the necessary backup to affirm her allegations.

I sat on the piece for a day, until I received the documentation necessary to substantiate the allegations and reviewed the documents in question. All of the authors records were obtained through public records searches.

After review, I deemed the piece fully vetted and elected to publish it.

I went as far as to confirm the details verbally with those affected.

The truth is an absolute and complete defense in any potential libel suit.

Victor is a public official. The First Amendment to the Constitution holds a special place for scrutiny of public officials.

It is not a “Hit Piece”.

As a father of three kids, I’m concerned about those who might be in leadership positions in the future and be in a position to enact policies that would create a negative impact on the lives of my kids.

Valladares is in no way qualified to lead.

His socialist political agenda is at stark odds with my own.

It’s not a “GOP” thing.

Certainly anybody that has read my work knows I have no compunction  about going after “Republicans” when they go off the rails.

It’s not a “racial ” thing. I embrace racial and cultural diversity,  despite the false accusations of my detractors. My issue is Illegal Immigration and the negative impacts it has on society and inept leadership that creates increasing hardship on California families.

I believe Valladares is a sociopath, pure and simple.

I’d like to take this opportunity to deconstruct Victor’s obviously  ghostwritten statement line by line.

No doubt, Victor put out a call for help in trying to spin this whole thing away.

The words on his statement are the words of consensus, drafted in concert with his supporters, vetted and approved for release after much agony, in a last ditch attempt to save his credibility.

Be aware, they are ultimately the words of a liar, one who is willing to throw his ex wife and the mother of his children, under the bus in a last ditch effort to salvage the wreckage of his personal behavior.

Please consider this…

The Statements of  Victor Valladares Ex Wife were given under oath and duly signed under penalty of perjury.

Far more convincing than the words of an individual releasing a “Statement” on a social media platform, designed for self promotion … One with no legal repercussions regarding the accuracy of the statement offered.

Facebook…is not a replacement for real life. Do not be fooled.

Go back and read the words of his ex wife. They reek of authentic details, offered up in resignation from someone resigned to the fact that they were married to an abuser and decided they have had enough.

Victor Valladares carefully crafted response stinks of desperation. The desperation of a cornered rat, fighting for an opportunity to escape a hungry house cat. The words of a desperate liar, caught in the act.

Judge for yourself…

Let’s have a look at his “response” and evaluate it.

It’s come to my attention that a vicious campaign to attack me is being comducted”.

Incorrect. This is a campaign to expose Victor Valladares for what he truly is. In my opinion, he is a sociopathic bully, unfit to lead.

In a reprehensible act of cowardice, a local Huntington Beach Resident who blogs under the pseudo name “Sledgehammer”….

Incorrect. My name is Chuck Johnson. It appears after every post that I write and publish. I’m not hiding from anyone. Hbsledgehammer.com is the name of the website, not the author.

who attempts to pass himself off as a “writer”…

I’m not attempting to pass myself off as a writer. My work speaks for itself. Feel free to enjoy it or despise it. I really don’t care.

and self proclaimed provocateur…”

One man’s provocateur is another man’s champion. It’s all a matter of perception. 

has written absolutely false, libelous and defamatory lies about me, my ex-wife, and our dissolution of marriage and subsequent custody issues…”

Incorrect: I have published nothing but the truth. I stand by every word I’ve published.

If anyone were guilty of that charge, it would be Victor Valladares by his inference that his ex-wife’s charges are false.

Victor is hiding behind a “her word vs. my word” defense and is displaying a loathsome defect of character consistent with his other behavioral problems.

Most people would tend to find this behavior reprehensible, with the exception of Victor’s associates and supporters, who tend to adopt an attitude that anything is fair, as long as they accomplish their goals…

“The ends justify the means”…

Make no mistake. This “Hit Piece” which attempts to defame my character is nothing more than a political smear”…

Incorrect: As I previously stated, I am the father of three kids. I’m concerned about those who might be in leadership positions in the future and possibly be in a position to enact policies and legislation that would create a negative impact on the lives of my kids.

I cannot stand idly by and watch as a person I consider to be a sociopath, ascends the ranks of political leadership, enabled  by people that are unaware of or simply do not care about about the serious defects of character displayed by Victor Valladares. 

By alt-right agitators who even the Republican Party disavows.”

Alt-Right” is a meaningless designation coined by the liberal media. It is now used in the hopes of  inferring a sinister intention on the part of the intended sluree and is employed whenever a progressive wishes to attempt to discredit someone with a conservative viewpoint.

It joined the ranks of “Neo-Con” and “Fascist” as a useless political buzzword after the 2016 election.

I have not been “disavowed” by anyone in the Republican Party with the exception of the RINO’s and fence straddlers that would sell their soul to get elected, the same ones that I go after and will continue to go after.

I know the “Republicans” Victor speaks of, and they will continue to hear it from me.

Political parties are meaningless and somewhat indistinguishable from one another anymore.

I just don’t care for unqualified leaders of either party, being elected to positions where the poor, politically motivated decisions they make, impact my family and myself in a negative way.

This person has continued to harass my family, my neighbors and my community on an almost daily basis. This is completely reckless.”

This is categorically false. Other than a recent telephone conversation when I inquired about a jailed illegal immigrant whom Victor was championing, I have had no contact with Victor Valladares, his neighbors nor the “Oak View” Community, if that is what you are referring to, in quite some time.

My “Community” is Huntington Beach.

Apparently Victor Valladares’s  “Community” is limited to the “Oak View” area.

The last face to face encounter Victor and I had was at a HB City Council meeting months ago, when Mr. Valladares followed me out to the back deck of the HB City Council chambers when i went outside to take a call and have a smoke and Victor   proceeded to start a loud argument.

And as far as “Reckless” goes, getting behind the wheel of a car while drunk, as Victor Valladares has done on multiple occasions, resulting in multiple arrests, rises to the top of what I or most people would consider “Reckless”.

 “What is the most heart breaking of all, is that [IMO] my ex-spouse who I still care about as a human being and respect as the mother of my children is working with this man to attack me.”

Victor claims to “respect” the “mother of his children”…yet she testified under oath that he called her foul names, physically and sexually abused her.

Victor Valladares  continues to harass her for daring to communicate with me.

She has the right to associate freely with anyone she chooses.

Valladares is frantic with anxiety over the fact that the only link to the truth behind his past and his behavior has bravely chosen to speak out about his defects of character and decency and has made numerous attempts  through threats, veiled or otherwise, and coercion tactics in an attempt to silence her.

Just as he uses threats of litigation in an attempt to silence my voice. Just as his mentor Gina Tarvin has done in connection with critical posts on social media. He has learned much from his mentor.

Valladares  should just consider himself fortunate to have such a dedicated and loving mother for his children. The only one who has attacked anybody…….is Victor Valladares which you shall see below.

“Her actions to conspire with this man are all documented…I have not done what she ssedly(sic)… “said under oath”

Why the “Quotation marks Victor?”

Here is where Victor Valladares crosses the Rubicon.

He has crossed the line of no return and has now publicly accused his ex wife of lying in a desperate bid to silence the truth, gambling all on her continued silence and the potential for people to consider the source.

Certainly not a bet I would be willing to make, considering the nature of Valladares accusations.

He is so defective that he is willing to throw his ex wife under the bus.

Valladares’s verbal abuse apparently continues…only now on a “social media” post.

Victor has elected to go “all in” and accuse his wife of lying. Not a wise move. The possibility of potential blowback is so severe, that again, it reeks of desperation.

Let’s hope Victor’s “Documentation” is better than the documents I will publish below.

Remember Bill Clinton? And the classic …” I did not have sexual relations with this woman”…

Harvey Weinstein. Anthony Wiener. Bill Cosby. Victor Valladares. 

It would be laughable, were it not so pathetic and false.

She never pressed charges because she knew they were false. The OCDA’s office could have and would have charged me irrespective indeed if there were a crime to prosecute. There wasn’t one.

This is a blatant logical fallacy.

“They did not charge me with a crime, therefore no crime took place.”


I inquired to an attorney friend of mine and received the following response…

” That assertion is ludicrous… The District Attorney is not required to prosecute people for crimes they are alleged to have committed. It is a discretionary function of his or her job. “

I think it’s safe to say from from the testimony of Victor Valladares ex wife that he is an unpredictable, alcoholic sociopath given to fits of drunken rage. Most women would probably fear a response.

Many women live with their abusers, afraid of the consequences that befall losing a breadwinner on a woman’s children and the economic uncertainty of a husband in jail.

Still others suffer from low self esteem and begin to think It’s their own fault for  being abused.

I tend to think It’s readily apparent why she refused to press charges and I think those not blinded by Victor’s charisma would see right through Victor’s statement.

No doubt the DA’s  office would refuse to prosecute a case in which the primary accuser refuses to testify, even if they have enough evidence to do so.

They evaluate cases on their ability to win them before an indictment. 

Without the primary witness, the case would be difficult to prove and not worth investing time in by a D.A. ‘s office already overburdened by thousands of cases

“This has yet to reported to the family court, but now will become a subject of legal action..”

Yet another threat.

Victor just can’t keep from shooting himself in the foot.

Again, Victor’s Ex Wife has every right to communicate with anybody she chooses. Unless there was a gag order in place on related issues, Mr. Valladares  past behavior is fair game and germane to the issue of custody.

I’m aware that at one point, Victor Valladares went so far as to list John Briscoe, Erik Peterson and Gina Tarvin as character witnesses in a custody hearing, with the hopes that their standing  as “Elected Officials would somehow lend credibility to his arguments.

I believe that Victor never even bothered to ask Peterson, on the assumption that he personally had enough clout to do so without asking.Briscoe and Tarvin, would probably comply with his request. They are his enablers and champions. Peterson seems to have wisely distanced himself from Victor, the monster he helped create by naming Victor to a city commission without adequately vetting him.

I’m not sure how that all worked out. No doubt I could find out if I so choose to do so.

 Victor’s Ex Wife and I have had minimal communication. The “conspiracy plot” exists only in  the anxious  mind of a man who is terrified of the reality of his past and the possibility of it coming to light, just as it is now. His reaction is hardly surprising.

I will be more than happy to testify on his Ex wife’s behalf regarding what we discussed. The vast majority of it pertained to her new infant son, who was a difficult pregnancy and not made any easier by her ex -husbands  self centered behavior.

What I do admit to having, in the past, a problem with drinking and DUI’s.  I regret this, have been punished for it and have paid my debt to society, as I should….”

Let’s look at that statement light of what Victor’s Ex-Wife had to say about it. She described his drinking problem. It is pretty apparent that Victor  Valladares displays the behavior of an alcoholic.

If you ask anyone who is an alcoholic or has been involved in a relationship with one, the only cure is total abstinence.

Yet Victor still is actively drinking.


A common delusion that many alcoholics possess is that somehow, they are different from other people and have the ability to control their drinking and that they “have it under control”.

Victor seems to think that he has found the magic cure for alcoholism and now can drink like an “Ordinary Gentleman”.

Apparently  Victor Valladares has not learned a thing from the 12 step programs he was no doubt mandated to attend  as a condition of his sentencing for multiple DUI’s.

His behavior is eerily  similar to that of his friend and mentor, Vern Pat Nelson, Editor of the Orange Juice Blog, who is facing a sentencing hearing soon for a felony 5th DUI and has been accused of sexual harassment by Anaheim Mayoral candidate,  Lorri Galloway. Nelson also issued a predictable blanket denial.

Click Here for more on Vern Pat Nelson and Victor Valladares.


” I vehemently deny any and all of these charges made by this blogger  and intend to assert my rights to undertake litigation to stop this pervasive “character assassination”

Why, of course Victor  denies any and all charges.

No doubt he thinks this is  a “He said-She said” situation and his charisma and charm will carry the day.

Hes been able to fool people for quite a while already… why would he think he couldn’t pull it off again?

Regarding ” Litigation” ?

Bring it. I have all the documentation to prove my case ( and more), and as stated, the truth is an absolute and complete defense to any charges of libel,…if he can find an attorney stupid enough to take his case, then go for it. It will be a pleasure to dismantle his pathetic arguments.

Just make sure you let him read this first.

All the way through.

“No matter which party you belong to, you know that this sort of depraved behavior and out of control behavior needs to stop if we are to move forward together as one in this country. Please continue to stand with me for what we know is right.”

Look no further than the video below for a fine example of depraved and out of control behavior. After watching that,and reading about his treatment of his Ex wife I’m not sure I want to stand anywhere close to Victor Valladares. Leave me out of your “togetherness”.

Valladares is trying to walk into politics backwards. Most politicians develop a degree of personal success before venturing into politics. Valladares has no professional skills to speak of. Its obvious he wants to be on the public payroll as a politician as a career.

Let’s take a look at some of Victor Valladares  recent behavior. I will let you decide whether he exercises sound judgement and  whether or not he displays the qualities one looks for in a potential leader.

After reading the documents posted below, the testimony of his ex wife and observing Mr. Valladares lack of good judgement, Ask yourself if this is the type of “Leader” you want for your kids at any level? City, State or Nation…?

Who the hell would be stupid enough to post a video like the one below on their Facebook page? 

The fact that the video below was quickly  deleted from his Facebook page was perhaps the only example of sound judgement he has offered.

Unfortunately for Victor, there is an army of people that are more than happy to provide everything required to paint an accurate picture of reality, unlike Victor’s “Alt-reality” version.

The video you will see below was shot at a Seattle gay bar, R Place November 10th, 2017.  Victor Valladares  features prominently in the initial footage.

I have no comment on Victor’s sexuality. Certainly that is his own prerogative.

I won’t  even comment on his Kim Jong Un haircut. I’m no hairstyle shamer.

Most people are smart enough not to broadcast themselves shirtless especially when it involves a simulated BJ from a fat ugly drag queen while half naked male dancers are watching from the wings.

Perhaps Victor was just there for the “Great music”.

Victor’s recent trip, was probably financed by his sugar daddy, Doug Applegate, who in yet another strange twist of fate, is now facing charges of his own… Click here for details.


Victor Valladares at RPlace, Seattle Washington, November 10th, 2017. Now apparently using Kim Jong Un’s barber.


Is this the type of absolute lack of prudent judgement that you want in a leader?

Below you will find the documents sent to me by the author of the piece in question. Read them and form your own opinion regarding who is the liar in this case. I think you will arrive at the same conclusion I did regarding who is truthful.

For anybody that wants to discredit the source, you only continue to discredit yourselves if you choose to continue to support this man.

If this is the best the Democrat party can do, surely it will be a cakewalk to retain and win new seats for the GOP.

I still have some files that I am sitting on lest this prove insufficient to convince even the most ardent admirer of Victor Valladares.

I’ll ask the question one more time. Is this the kind of leader you want in your children’s future? Or your own for that matter?…I’ll pass.

And whats a HBSledgehammer post without a good punk song? You thought I forgot?

All statements are the opinion of the author.



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