Democratic Party Chair Fran Sdao, you should be ashamed of yourself.


Fran Sdao is Chair of the Democratic Party of Orange County. According to her bio, “She is a strong advocate for Democratic values and has actively campaigned on behalf of children, families, quality public education and safe schools, women’s health and reproductive rights.”

Women’s health? Then I wish she had checked the health of a young woman named Breannia Lalama before deciding to pose for this recent photo with Ms. Lalama’s ex-husband, Democratic Central Committee ad 72’s Victor Valladares. Evidently, Sdao has been made aware of of Ms. Llama’s credible (and brutal) accounts of violence and sexual abuse at the hands of her ex-husband, yet she not only refuses to comment about it, she also sees no problem with cozying up with him for photo opportunities.

A brief search of this very blog produces some telling information:

“Many new allegations have surfaced. All troubling. Breannia Lalama has asserted that Victor Valladares slipped a “Date-Rape” drug into her beer, sodomized her after she passed out, filmed the event, then showed her the film the following day.”

“Lalama asserts that Victor Valladares pushed her backwards down a flight of pea gravel stairs at an apartment they shared, resulting in permanent damage to her back. The medical files exist to substantiate the claim.”

“She asserts that Victor Valladares smashed her in the face with a coffee cup, breaking her teeth.”

As I myself wrote here, “I believe, as a Democrat, that our local OC party has no business supporting Victor Valladares until he can provide a thorough breakdown of his criminal past. He has dodged and lied and made fun of the requests and so at this point I think he has told us all we need to know. He is a selfish, immature person who seems to thrive on attention. He is not interesting in telling the truth. I watched some video of his ex-wife at a school board meeting and her speech left me heartbroken. In my opinion there is no doubting her candor.”

Fran, if you need a reminder as to why you need to re-think your position on Mister Valladares, I would ask you to look further than Llalama’s own words. This photo of you is quite damning in my opinion, and also for many other women in the party.

And Dr. Moreno, Isn’t it about time you found a real face of the Latinx community to promote, instead of an uneducated man with no real skills other than convincing others of his dubious value to the OC Democrat Party?


2 thoughts on “Democratic Party Chair Fran Sdao, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  1. Thank you Kristen for yet another thoughtful post. Apparently OCDEM’s still buy into the smiling liar’s story that he is the target of “altright” persecution.


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